What the conservatory sits on

Adding a conservatory to your house can dramatically increase the living space available to your family.

The important thing though is to remember that if you want a great conservatory you need to give it a great base to sit on.

We start off by digging a foundation for the first few courses of bricks. These will form the surround for the floor and as you can see from the picture on the right it sits quite a way below the door opening. 


Once we have a boundary set up we need to make sure that the floor will be damp proof and here we have installed a damp proof course (DPC) for the layer of concrete to sit on.



Next we need to form the floor of the new room and as you can see in this next installation we’ve filled the void with a concrete mix to give a strong and stable base.


Now we can get to actually building the dwarf wall and here you can see some height being added.

Some conservatories will have a level dwarf wall all the way round, some designs will require differing heights.


Finally the conservatory is ready for the glass and upvc or wood frames to sit on.

It’s surprising how much work has to be done before you even get to think about what most people think of as a conservatory but as you can see from these examples it is vital to get your installation off to a good start otherwise you  may face problems in the future.

We specialise in building conservatory bases and have built them for some of the best known national companies.

If you have a project that you need help with then we’re happy to assist.

We can provide you with a complete conservatory from start to finish or alternatively let us do the donkey work by providing you with the base and you can complete the glass work.

Call us now for an informal chat and your free no-obligation quote.

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