June 26, 2016


Terms & Conditions

We hate bureaucracy but modern life is such that we need to have some Terms &Conditions just so everyone understands where they stand.

We’ve included the plain English version below and you can download the longer, wordier version here

  • Who’s who – ‘We’ are Building Dorset Ltd, ‘You’ are the client
  • Cancellation – you have the right to cancel any order within 7 days as per the Cancellation of Contracts Made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc. Regulations (2008) with no charge to you. If you cancel outside this time or during the job itself then we reserve the right to charge a fee.

The Job:

  • Let the dog see the rabbit – we need access so you agree to let us get to the work site easily and you promise you won’t get in the way
  • Working hours – our day is 8am to 6pm. We need to be able to work during these times but if they are not convenient then please let us know beforehand
  • Estimates – are just that, a best guess. We’ll try and include everything but things may change during the job. We won’t add anything on to the bill without talking to you first though and we’ll give you a written further quote if you’d like
  • Estimates are guaranteed for 30 days from issue. After that we may choose to vary them but we’ll let you know before starting work
  • Noise – there will be noise. we’ll try and keep it down but you need to be aware
  • Utilities – we may well need access to a running water supply and electricity please
  • Looking after your things – We’ll try not to damage anything but building is often a destructive process. You need to make sure that you move anything of value well away from the site and cover stuff you can’t move. There may be dust too. If you need help then let us know.
  • Weather – ah the British weather. Some jobs we can do in the rain and snow, some we can’t, so you may need to be patient if the weather takes a turn for the worse. We’ll keep you informed along the way though.
  • It may not only be us – sometimes we engage subcontractors like electricians or plumbers. Skilled people we know that can do things we can’t. In which case they’ll be insured and great at what they do but you need to treat them nice
  • You are responsible for any measurements and drawings you give us. So if you tell us you want a 4 foot wall and it turns out you meant metres then it’s down to you. You’re also responsible for things like architect’s drawings. If they aren’t right then we’ll try and bring it to your attention but we’re relying on you to talk to your guys.
  • Health and Safety – this used to be a really big killer on Britain’s building sites so we take it very seriously. If we give you instructions for your safety then you  must make sure you, your family and your employees follow them.
  • Don’t let people nick our stuff. If we leave things on site such as materials and tools then don’t let them get stolen. if they do we’ll charge. It’s your site after all.
  • After the job – unless specified in the quote then you are responsible for decoration and cleaning down. We’ll be as tidy as we can but there will be dust and disruption. We’re licenced waste carriers so we can take away rubble but there is a charge.


  • If we buy stuff and you don’t pay then the stuff is still ours. Really, you don’t pay then we can take it away, that’s fair.
  • On the subject of money, you promise to pay your bill within the agreed time (usually 7 days). We may ask for stage payments or deposits for longer job or projects that need us to buy materials but we’ll let you know before.
  • You can pay us, in order of preference through bank transfer, cash or cheque. (We hate cheques!) but you mustn’t hold anything back (called a retention in the trade).
  • If you don’t pay then we may choose to add interest to your bill and we can ask for reasonable costs of chasing you.
  • Sometimes clients get an idea that a relative can do the work better and sack the builder. If you do this then we reserve the right to still charge you the labour part of the bill, plus anything else we’ve committed to like plant hire as a cancellation fee and because you’ve acted badly. But you won’t because you’re great.
  • Insurance – we’re fully insured for your peace of mind. We have £10m of Employers liability and £5m of public liability. We’re happy to show you the docs on request

Our Guarantee:

  • We guarantee our work and if you find anything we’ve done that isn’t good enough then you need to get in touch within 30 days and let us put it right. We can’t guarantee anything that someone else has had a go at though.
  • We also guarantee materials up to the original manufacturers guarantee. So for example if we fit a window then you get the original guarantee for the window but obviously if you provide the materials then we can’t guarantee them.
  • We can’t guarantee any existing structures. Sorry.
  • and we can’t guarantee work where there is subsidence or landslip. It’s not within our control after all.

And one final point – we hate it when we get spammed so we take great care over your data and will never pass it on to third parties unless it is for the express use in connection with your job such as ordering materials for delivery or getting services in.