Don’t forget the step!

When you’re thinking about adding a new doorway it’s easy to forget one of the most vital aspects – the step.

Luckily in this case our customer hadn’t forgotten and had chosen a nice feature design to complement the new opening.

As a tip, when you are thinking about adding a doorway, take a look from the outside at the wall and see if you can work out where the floor level is in relation to the outside ground level.

Most houses will be built with a slight rise in the interior floor level so you’re going to need a way to bridge the two.

You can of course go for a simple brick and paving slab construction, but for a few more pounds you can look to give your house that special finishing touch.

If you need that little something then why not give us a call and we can let you have a no-obligation quote for that important job.

Please be aware that we expect to be fed tea though!


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